Utah Wilderness News, March 3, 2010

You call this a land grab!?
"A majority
of Westerners – and even most of their elected officials – understand that the
quality of life we enjoy can be overrun by development or marred by overuse,
whether by gas drillers, strip-mall developers or out-of-control off-road
vehicles. They realize that the public lands are a rare and still relatively
unspoiled national resource that needs to be conserved for everyone." Read more – High Country News

Monument flap spurs interest in threatened UT landscapes
"'Utah has this history of
grand conservation gains,' Groene said. 'Every time it happens it
triggers this anger. And 20 years later we always look back and agree that
conservation was a wise idea.'" Read more – Los Angeles Times

Largest UT paper pans legislature's wasteful ideas
It is not
up to the Utah Legislature to decide how federal laws should be enforced on
federal land.
And yet,
that is what Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, proposes. In HB146, a ridiculous
legislative effort to make
the overseer of federal law, Noel would elevate his notorious anti-government
grandstanding to an embarrassing new level and drag all Utahns along with him."
Read more – Salt Lake Tribune