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Featured Videos

Wild Utah: America’s Red Rock Wilderness

This 14-minute short documentary is our centerpiece advocacy film for Utah’s last remaining wild places. With stunning videography, it takes the viewer through magnificent red rock landscapes and draws upon diverse voices to explain why these lands are worth protecting from the threats of fossil fuel extraction, off-road vehicle damage, hardrock mining, and anti-wilderness legislation from Utah’s own politicians. Visit our Act Now page to learn how you can get involved.

The Bureau of Land Management is Planning the Future of Utah Wilderness

The Bureau of Land Management is making plans that will impact how Utah’s wild lands will look and sound for decades to come through what are known as “Travel Management Plans.” These plans will impact more than 6 million acres of public lands in Utah as the BLM decides where to allow motorized vehicles in some of Utah’s most stunning and remote wild lands, such as the Dirty Devil, San Rafael Swell and Labyrinth Canyon.

Watch and share this short film, then visit our Travel Planning page to learn more.

Chaining on Utah’s Public Lands

SUWA launched a statewide television and online media campaign in Utah to focus public attention on the Bureau of Land Management’s destructive practice of “chaining” native pinyon and juniper forests to create more forage for cattle on public lands. Learn more at suwa.org/chaining.

SUWA’s Stewardship Volunteers

SUWA’s Stewardship Program volunteers have traveled throughout Utah to give back to our public lands through service projects. We invite you to join us in the field on a service project and experience firsthand the public lands we are all fighting to protect! Apply now at suwa.org/stewardship.

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