Utah Wilderness News, April 20, 2011

Off-road riders have plenty of space

“That’s exactly why Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) asked the BLM to protect some of its most vulnerable and valuable lands, those surrounding Canyonlands National Park, from ORV damage. In our petition (which includes the stats listed above), we asked the BLM to go back and do its homework before allowing excessive ORV use in this remarkable country. That includes taking another look at protecting the magnificently scenic places that are so important for wildlife, water and our own heritage.”  Op-ed – Deseret News

Is natural gas really the ‘savior’ of fossil fuels?

“Natural gas has a reputation as the least environmentally damaging fossil fuel, but a new study from Cornell University paints a slightly different picture. Study leader Robert Howarth told the BBC that, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, gas from shale rocks — undergoing a boom in production in the U.S. — is ‘quite likely as bad [as] or worse than coal.’”  Read more – HuffPost Green

Utah air pollution loophole threatens air quality, public health

“At issue is a rule governing about 1,200 businesses that operate under state-issued air pollution permits. The state rule allows polluting industries to avoid sanctions for spewing more emissions than their permit allows if they claim to be exceeding the limit because of a breakdown in equipment or operation. In other words, the state takes the side of polluting industries against the well-being of Utahns.”  Editorial – The Salt Lake Tribune