The Pressure’s On

We’re keeping the pressure on — and we’ve just released a new radio ad here in Utah.

Featuring Black Diamond Equipment founder and CEO Peter Metcalf, the ad reminds Utahns about the high cost of Governor Gary Herbert’s radical plan to take over 30 million acres of public land in our state.

Listen to the ad below:

(Click here if you have trouble playing the ad.)

Recently, Governor Herbert and his advisors have tried to soft-sell their support of the Transfer of Public Lands Act — the law that Governor Herbert signed in March that demands the federal government relinquish control of 30 million acres of public land in Utah, including Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and prized wilderness areas. And they’ve kept largely mum about their 22 lawsuits against the United States, which seek to gain control over tens of thousands of miles of so-called “roads” — many of which are stream bottoms and cattle trails.

They’ve argued that these radical acts are a “balanced approach” — when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Though Governor Herbert and his advisors are toning down their rhetoric — in large part because of feedback they’ve heard from people like you — they aren’t changing course. They’re still dead-set on upending a century of public lands management, and getting their hands on the federal public lands in Utah that rightfully belong to all Americans.

And as long as they’re pursuing their radical vision, we’ll be keeping the pressure on them. Please, consider making a contribution today to help fund our radio campaign and other ads in the state of Utah:

Yes! I want to keep the pressure on Utah Governor Gary Herbert — and end his radical land grab.

Please also take a moment to share this post with others who care our public lands and wilderness areas in Utah. The more pressure we’re able to put on Governor Herbert, the harder it will be for him to succeed in his land grab.

Thank you for everything you do.