July 2014 Redrock Report


How Dust on Colorado’s Snow Could Ruin Your Salad

Dust on Colorado Snow, San Juan Mtns“If your lettuce doesn’t get grown in California, you notice that in Washington, D.C.” So says Jayne Belnap, an ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in a must-read piece from Climate Progress on how increasing dust from industrial development on the Colorado Plateau (including Greater Canyonlands) is threatening the Southwest’s most critical watershed. “Dust has to become part of [our] land management goals,” Belknap says. One way to manage growing dust in an era of changing climate is to protect large landscapes like Greater Canyonlands. After you read the article, encourage President Obama to take action.

BLM’s Moab Master Leasing Plan Begins to Take Shape

Labyrinth CanyonThis spring the BLM released three preliminary alternatives of the Moab Master Leasing Plan (MLP) for public review and comment. This plan will determine what lands are available for oil, gas and potash leases and permits in large areas of public land close to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.  It also covers many outstanding proposed wilderness areas including Labyrinth Canyon, Fisher Towers and Harts Point/Shay Mountain.

We support Alternative C, which would give the most protection to lands proposed for wilderness in America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.  The BLM plans to release a draft of the plan and an environmental impact statement this fall; a final MLP should follow by fall 2015.

>> Learn more about the Moab MLP on the BLM’s website.

Senator Tammy BaldwinSen. Baldwin’s Red Rock Cosponsorship Ties Senate Record

Just before Memorial Day, Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin became the 23rd member of the Senate—and the seventh member of the crucial Energy and Natural Resources Committee—to cosponsor the bill in this congress. Her addition ties the all-time record for Senate cosponsors and fills the void of Wisconsin Senate support created when Sen. Russ Feingold was defeated.  Thank you, Sen. Baldwin!

Needed: Health “Testimonials for Greater Canyonlands

SUWA is working with a team of health and well being professionals in Utah on a letter to President Obama asking him to protect Greater Canyonlands because of the physical, emotional and public health benefits to all Americans.  We are looking for short one-page or less statements or “testimonials” by people (especially Utah residents)  who have benefited in terms of physical or mental health/well-being by spending time in wild nature.  This might be an individual (or family) who:

  • Hikes in the great outdoors as a way to stay physically healthy (thus reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes or other conditions)
  • Found emotional healing by spending time in wild nature.  This might be someone who has suffered trauma or experienced emotional challenges and finds solace or rejuvenation in nature.
  • Has experienced the health benefits of living near or experiencing the clean air and water protected by large natural areas.

Please contact Terri at terri@suwa.org immediately for more information or if you are willing to write a testimonial.

Also, if you are a Utah-based health or well-being professional (doctor, nurse, health aide or technician, mental health worker, “alternative” well-being practitioner, body worker or healer of any kind) and want to add your name to the letter, please contact Terri at terri@suwa.org

Crazy Continues in Carbon County

Even though a Federal Judge struck down a similar state law last year, the Carbon County Commission passed a resolution on June 5th proclaiming “that any attempted law enforcement by an official of a federal land agency is not recognized by the county, and shall be deemed an imminent threat to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Carbon County.” Castle Country Radio reports that “the resolution advises that any federal official who intends to exercise law enforcement powers shall first declare to the Sheriff his [sic] intent to enter Carbon County and the intended action on a case by case basis.”  Further proof that crazy (and unconstitutional) ideas are alive and well among many elected officials in Utah.

SUWA Website Gets a New Look

We’re pleased to announce that SUWA’s website is now tablet and mobile friendly!  Plus, with lots of beautiful new pictures! Check it out on your phone, laptop or tablet at SUWA.org.

New SUWA Website