Into the Canyonlands: Hatch Point

East of Canyonlands National Park, Hatch Point is best known for its majestic redrock cliffs and vast views of the Canyonlands basin.  Lucky visitors can spot the pronghorn, desert bighorn sheep, peregrine falcons, and other high desert wildlife that make the area their home.

Hatch Cliffs. Copyright Tom Till.

Existing oil and gas development and potash mining on state of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) parcels located on blocks of land within the Hatch Point area threaten the integrity of the landscape.  In December 2008, the Bush administration attempted to offer oil and gas leases on BLM wilderness-quality lands in Hatch Point – which thankfully were cancelled by current Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.  But without meaningful protection, there is no guarantee that future administrations will not again attempt these and other leasing proposals.

By protecting Greater Canyonlands, we can help prevent Hatch Point’s spectacular cliffs and wildlife habitat from being further spoiled by increasing development.  Visit and to take action!