Greater Canyonlands — Utah’s Crown Jewel

Crown jewel: n. The most prized asset or possession in a group

Right now, the Bureau of Land Management is compiling a report that it’s going to send to Congress listing our nation’s public land “Crown Jewels.”  In our opinion, no list would be complete without the Greater Canyonlands region included.

Please tell the BLM to include the Greater Canyonlands region in its Crown Jewels report.

When we look at America’s redrock wilderness, it’s hard to say which landscapes are the most ecologically important, threatened or spectacular – but when we get down to it, the Greater Canyonlands region always rises to the top.

Centered around the confluences of the Green, Colorado and Dirty Devil Rivers, the Greater Canyonlands includes remarkable archeological sites, critical wildlife habitat, outstanding primitive recreation opportunities and unparalleled solitude.

That’s why we joined with other conservation groups like the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and National Parks Conservation Association in submitting a letter nominating the Greater Canyonlands region for the “Crown Jewels” report.  Now, we need you to write to BLM Director Bob Abbey in support of that proposal.

Tell BLM Director Bob Abbey to protect Greater Canyonlands.

We’ve been highlighting all of the reasons that the Greater Canyonlands region deserves protection over the past several months. People are starting to listen – thanks to your help.

Please take action today and help us bring greater attention to the imperiled landscapes of the Greater Canyonlands region!

Thank you for making your voice heard.