Utah Wilderness News, March 24, 2010

SUWA asks State Mining
Board’s coal interests to step aside for decision

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance plans to challenge the Utah Division of Oil,
Gas & Mining board today, saying any members with financial interests in
coal mining should recuse themselves from decisions on Alton Coal Development’s
mine-reclamation plan.
SUWA and
the Sierra Club also hope to persuade the board to delay further decisions on
the plan until the snow melts at the Coal Hollow Mine site in the Book Cliffs
near Alton, about 10 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park, so experts can
examine water-monitoring stations.” Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

Implementation next key
step in Washington County Growth and Conservation Act

“Like many
things in our society a bill or an idea is only as good as its
implementation. The BLM has been tasked with putting the bill’s words
into action. This should be of great interest to the residents of this
county. It’s time to “walk the talk.” BLM will sponsor two local
meetings to hear public comments and receive input for the
implementation of the bill’s provisions.” Read more – Spectrum Daily News