Thumbs up to Colorado redrock activists

Hurray for the team of Colorado citizen activists who recently turned out to hold banners and signs when President Obama came to Denver last month!  Their bright black-on-yellow “Protect Greater Canyonlands” signs sent a clear and compelling message to the media, Obama campaign staff and dignitaries who traveled to the Buckley Air Force Base where the President was speaking.  Many people driving into the base waved and some gave the thumbs up!  “We saw a lot of press and important people out here today,” said one activist, “and I think we got our message across that Greater Canyonlands needs to be protected.”  Asked why he took the morning off from work to participate, another citizen said, “My wife and I have been bringing our boys to the Greater Canyonlands area since they were infants.  We want President Obama to protect that beautiful area so our boys can take their children there some day and experience it the same we have.”

Kris Wallack, Sandy Sherman, John Wallack, Gina Iannelli, and Doug Yohn were part of the "Banner Brigade" in Denver.
Judith Sellers, Stephen Bartlett and Brett Ruckman at the Buckley Air Force Base.

Go to to sign up to participate in future “Banner Brigades” and to learn other ways to ask President Obama to protect Greater Canyonlands.