A Plea for Greater Canyonlands

From TreeHugger:

In the following short video, (the third in a series of five short films created by young people on the importance of protecting Greater Canyonlands), Taylor Graham describes how he grew up exploring the deep wild canyons of southern Utah, venturing into their depths by foot and boat – an experience which left him invigorated with a “powerful love of life.”

In a very personal plea, he asks President Obama to protect Greater Canyonlands as a national monument so that his own children can someday find the same inspiration from “this amazing piece of our natural heritage.”   Greater Canyonlands “is currently unprotected and vulnerable to degradation from dirty energy development and poorly regulated off-road vehicle use,” says Graham. “As a member of the next generation who will inherit these beautiful lands, I have seen firsthand what the mistreatment of our natural lands looks like.”