Utah Wilderness News, September 7, 2010

The citizen’s wilderness proposal is not dead

“Nine million acres of globally significant wilderness really do remain within our public lands.  Let’s listen to everybody — but we can never give up on the preservation and stewardship of Utah’s irreplaceable wild canyons and fragile deserts.”  Letter-to-the-Editor – The Salt Lake Tribune

All of us need a voice in the San Juan County process

“Since these are ‘public lands,’ we hope Bennett realizes how important they are not only to Utahns, but people throughout America, and allows all of us a voice.  Letter-to-the-Editor – The Salt Lake Tribune

Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over

What boosters in Utah and Congress play down is the stark truth that almost all of Utah’s water is claimed and there is not enough unclaimed water to go around, especially if tar sands and oil shale were developed at the same time. Utah has a choice to make. It could use its precious and limited water supplies for oil shale and tar sands development, or it can save those supplies to ensure that there would be water for future population growth, for irrigated agriculture, for recreation and for the future.  Read more – The Huffington Post