Utah Wilderness News, March 10, 2011

Beware of Rob Bishop if you fly between SLC and DC

“Bishop, who typically flies between Utah and Washington on Fridays and Mondays, says BLM actions can cause him to want to hit fellow passengers, bathroom mirrors and that for the safety of the flying public on Delta, the BLM should cease to tick him off.”  Read more – The Salt Lake Tribune


AGO Report deserves praise for including monument designation

“The Antiquities Act, one of our country’s most effective conservation laws, has been used by 14 presidents from both parties to protect scenic wonders and historic sites, many of which have subsequently been designated as national parks by Congress. 

Used more than 100 times since its passage, the Antiquities Act has safeguarded many of America’s most beloved, iconic sites, including the Grand Canyon, Devil’s Tower, and the Statue of Liberty.  The AGO Report outlines a collaborative process by which the public can identify and recommend potential sites on existing federal land for national monument status.”  Read more – The Hill’s Congress Blog