Utah Wilderness News, March 10, 2010

So, what exactly is the problem with National Monuments?
"The guvmint-hatin’ Utah state legislature has just declared a
preemptive strike against creating new jobs and revenue in the state.
Today, the state senate passed a resolution
opposing federal creation of new monuments. A few weeks ago, a
Department of the Interior memo brainstorming 14 possible national
monuments, including two in Utah, was leaked to a national park-hating
member of Congress, creating a firestorm of manufactured controversy
throughout the West. In response, Republican-dominated state
legislatures are railing against an entirely chimerical federal land
grab." Read more – Seminal

Conservationist Hero leaves wilderness legacy
"Dr. Wayburn
went on to devote his life to preserving such natural wonders – a pursuit that
led him to serve five terms as the president of the Sierra Club. He remained an
honorary president when he died Friday night in his San Francisco home at age
103, surrounded by family.
has saved more of our wilderness than any other person alive,' President
Bill Clinton said in 1999 when he awarded Dr. Wayburn the Presidential Medal of
Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor." Read more – San Francisco Chronicle