Utah Wilderness News, June 20, 2010

San Juan County wilderness protection is vital to all Utahns

Wilderness stewardship is intimately intertwined with living
ethically, living mindfully and living with restraint. As the "Faith and
the Land" dialogues made clear, what makes good ecological sense makes
for good theology too. This idea can unite rather than divide us.

The wild lands of San Juan County are too
precious to allow a small number of people to settle their future. Give
all the people of Utah a chance to be heard.

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Wilderness after Senator Bennett 

In the past, the Utah legislature
hasn't been friendly to the idea of wilderness, and it's an open
question whether a proposal similar to the Washington County bill could

Will Bennett's successor pick up the
wilderness issue? A question of ideology is important to one of the
candidates who defeated Senator Bennett at the convention. Mike Lee
cites a section of the U-S Constitution that he says lays out a critical
step in making public lands decisions.

Lee's opponent, Tim Bridgewater, is
less rigid on the legal structure, but he's also not ready to push ahead
immediately on wilderness bills.

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