Utah Wilderness News, January 25, 2010

Public lands belong to all
few things need to be clarified about local public lands. First,
federal public lands in Utah belong to all Americans. The present
population of the United States is slightly more than 300 million, and
each and every one of us technically owns an equal share of the public
lands, regardless of where we reside.” Read more – Spectrum 

Assessing Salazar so far
“A year into his tenure as the 50th secretary of the interior, Salazar has surprised both fans and critics. He’s proved bold, ambitious and more willing to directly confront foes than accommodate them. But to critics, Salazar is committing the same sins of which he
often accuses the prior administration — politicizing decisions,
shutting out views and pursuing an agenda that swaps an industry clique
for an environmental one.” Read more – Denver Post