Utah Wilderness News, January 21, 2011

Rolling back environmental policies would be a grievous mistake for the country

On another front, Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee has spoken out against Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s order to the Bureau of Land Management to move ahead to protect lands with wilderness qualities. The mandate overturns a deal made by former Gov. Mike Leavitt and former Interior Secretary Gail Norton to stop the BLM from doing its lawful duty to preserve Utah land treasures. Lee wants a return to the ‘no more wilderness’ policy that opened Utah’s scenic and culturally sensitive lands to rampant all-terrain-vehicle use and oil and gas drilling. A backward march to that era would be a mistake.”  Editorial – The Salt Lake Tribune

‘Wild Lands’ policy restores authority to the BLM that was removed in 2003

“The Wild Lands order eloquently declares that, ‘Many of America’s most treasured landscapes include public lands with wilderness characteristics that provide visitors with rare opportunities for solitude and personal reflection.'”  Blog – High Country News

Wilderness advocates size up a changed political landscape

“Said Groene, ‘I think we’re seeing balance restored in Utah. We had those days where the oil and gas industry was calling the shots, and this administration is trying to restore balance.'”  Read more – The Daily Sentinel

Oil shale development threatens western water supply and way of life

“My ranch and the livelihoods of countless ranchers, farmers and rural communities here are dependent on these questions being fully answered and understood as we consider additional development in the West. One thing is clear: we cannot survive without a clean water supply.”  Commentary – The Huffington Post