Utah Wilderness News – January 11, 2010

KCPW airs debate featuring our Conservation Director Steve Bloch on Secretary Salazar's proposed oil & gas leasing reforms

"Environmentalists are lauding Interior Secretary
Ken Salazar’s new guidelines for oil and gas leasing on public lands, an issue
that hits home in Utah
after the secretary controversially pulled dozens of leases from an auction in
late 2008.  But energy developers says they’ll lead to unnecessary delays." Listen – KCPW

High Country News columnist commends Nine Mile Canyon deal

"The world's longest outdoor art gallery will finally get
some protection from the gas drilling that threatens it. Eastern Utah's Nine Mile
, some 78 miles
long, contains hundreds of homesteaders’ cabins, stage stops, cliff dwellings
and granaries, and more than 10,000 Anasazi and Fremont petroglyphs." Read More – HCN

Apparently not everyone appreciates Utah's cultural treasures…

"What's the big deal? I found myself thinking. If any of this
gets lost we can put some third graders to work on nearby unmarked rocks."  Read More – Deseret News