Utah Wilderness News, February 26, 2010

Duh, it's not a land grab if you're already the landowner!
"When a national monument is
established, land is not "grabbed," as the headline asserts. The
Antiquities Act authorizes presidents to establish national monuments
only on land already owned by the federal government." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

Patience wears thin at UT pols statehouse hijinks
despite the length of their
to-do list, lawmakers are wasting time and threatening to waste
precious taxpayer dollars on ridiculous efforts to tell the federal
government to take a hike back to Washington, D.C., and leave Utah to
their wisdom. Reps. Chris Herrod of Provo and Ken Sumsion of American
Fork, both Republicans, are acting like banty roosters crowing over
what is probably the most nonsensical idea yet, although competition
for that honor this year is fierce."  Read more – Salt Lake Tribune