Utah Wilderness News, February 18, 2010

Good News: SUWA legal victory
"A federal judge has decided
the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance will be allowed to defend its own
interests in a lawsuit filed by three oil companies and three Utah
counties over a hotly disputed 2008 oil and gas lease sale in Salt Lake
City." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

New Utah monuments?

"The San Rafael Swell and Cedar Mesa region in Utah are among more than
two dozen "nationally significant landscapes" that may be good
candidates for national monument designation, according to Department
of Interior documents."  Read more – Deseret News

Outdated New Mexico coal plant degrades UT wilderness

Conservation groups have asked federal agencies to require a New Mexico
coal-fired power plant to take measures to reduce its air pollution and
thereby lessen the amount of haze it causes in national parks and
wilderness areas." Read more – Deseret News