Threats to Moab-area proposed wilderness – Redrock Report August 2012

August 2012

Here’s what is happening this month with the redrock:
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2.  Oil, gas, and seismic projects threaten proposed wilderness.
3.  Outdoor industry speaks out against Herbert’s public land grab.
4.  The SUWA Roundup is next month!


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Proposed wilderness threatened in Moab area

The Moab field office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recently placed proposed wilderness in its crosshairs.

First, the BLM is proposing an oil and gas lease sale for February 2013 that includes a number of leases inside the Coyote Wash and Big Triangle proposed wilderness areas.  In addition, two parcels in this proposed lease sale may implicate Moab’s watershed.  SUWA submitted comments on August 13 asking that these contentious parcels be removed.

Second, the BLM is seeking to approve a large seismic project at the doorstep of Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park.  Apparently, officials at the Moab field office feel that the best way to introduce visitors to these two spectacular parks is by making them pass through oil and gas industrialization (perhaps to appreciate the protected lands more?). This proposed seismic project would set loose large vibroseis thumper trucks (think tractors – see photo below) on the Big Flat/Labyrinth Canyon region, threatening proposed wilderness as well as one of the state’s preeminent desert bighorn sheep herds. Inexplicably, the BLM is considering this approval even though the company seeking to do the testing does not have leases for 25% of this project area. SUWA has submitted comments and hopes to dissuade the BLM from this wrongheaded plan.

Seismic Project


Outdoor industry pushes back against Herbert’s public land policies

Earlier this month, America’s outdoor recreation industry pushed back against Utah Governor Gary Herbert, whose radical land grab policies threaten to carve up and sell off Utah’s spectacular public lands. 

In a recent meeting with the governor, Frank Hugelmeyer, president and CEO of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), expressed his frustration over Utah’s public land policies and read a strongly worded statement from the trade group’s board of directors:

“Of greatest concern,” the group wrote, “is the governor’s lawsuit challenging the federal government over jurisdiction of the federal public lands and some road claims within national parks, monuments and wilderness areas. We have not and will not sit silently on threats to the nation’s recreation infrastructure.”  Read more on our blog.

Please contact Governor Herbert today and tell him you share the Outdoor Industry’s sense of outrage over his anti-wilderness land grab (see sample text below).

Sample text to Governor Herbert:

I urge you to listen to the concerns of the Outdoor Industry Association and citizens across the nation who want to see Utah’s spectacular public lands protected, not carved up by roads, leased to developers, or sold to the highest bidder. Please drop your land grab!


Join us in the beautiful San Rafael Swell this September!

Don’t forget — this year’s SUWA Roundup is scheduled for September 21-23 at Hidden Splendor in the San Rafael Swell.  There’s no better opportunity to meet fellow redrock enthusiasts and learn more about the wilderness lands we’re all working to protect. 

Relax and socialize on Friday evening, then take part in guided day hikes (from easy to challenging) or other fun activities on Saturday before sharing a potluck dinner with newfound friends.  Sunday you’ll awake to fresh brewed coffee and breakfast prepared by the SUWA staff.  If you plan to join us this year, please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

For more details, please visit our Roundup information page.

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