The last straw

Back in 2008, it was unthinkable that President Obama would not only fail to change George Bush’s worst public lands policies, but that he’d actively defend them.

Cheesebox Canyon, James Kay
Cheesebox Canyon in the Greater
Canyonlands region, copyright James Kay.

But that’s exactly where we are today.

And we need your help to stop him.

Click here to tell President Obama to stop defending Bush’s environmental record and start protecting Greater Canyonlands.

The Obama administration just refused to host a public discussion on protecting the Greater Canyonlands region.  Even worse, it claims the management plans written by the Bush administration already provide adequate protection.  These are the same Bush plans that designated more than 3,000 miles of off-road vehicle trails in proposed redrock wilderness.

Greater Canyonlands is probably the most spectacular, remote, archeologically rich and unprotected landscape on the Colorado Plateau—perhaps in the world.

Tell President Obama to act now to protect Greater Canyonlands.

When President Obama took office, his administration acknowledged that the Bush plans covering 7 million acres of Utah’s redrock wilderness were inadequate and needed to be fixed.

Now, his administration embraces these plans as its own and is even defending them in court.

So we must convince Obama that Greater Canyonlands belongs to all of us, not just the oil and gas companies and ORV riders.

Click here to tell the White House to protect Greater Canyonlands.