Tell the BLM to “just say no” to a proposed coal strip mine near Bryce Canyon National Park

Alton Coal Mine
The existing Coal Hollow mine site. Copyright Ray

Tell the BLM to “just say no” to a proposed coal strip mine outside Bryce Canyon National Park.

The Obama administration recently released a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) analyzing a proposal to sell a federal coal lease on the western doorstep of Bryce Canyon National Park, potentially threatening the remarkable clean air, water, and dark night skies at the park, as well as the livelihood of nearby gateway communities.

The BLM is analyzing this potential coal lease at the behest of a small, privately held, out-of-state company, Alton Coal Development.  The lease would expand the current Coal Hollow mine from private land onto adjacent public land.

Mine expansion would have an enormous impact on the local environment — polluting the air; flooding Bryce Canyon’s world-famous dark night skies with light; impacting the habitat and health of wildlife, like the area’s mule deer herd and imperiled sage grouse; lowering water quality; and marring one of the most majestic landscapes in the world.

Let the BLM know that they shouldn’t approve this coal strip mine!

Expanded mining operations and the huge trucks used to transport coal would create noise, vibrations and safety issues.  For example, the expanded Coal Hollow strip mine would allow up to 300 coal trucks to barrel through the historic town of Panguitch each day, threatening shops, restaurants, motels and small businesses that depend on tourists, and putting residents at risk for respiratory health problems related to toxic coal dust.

You have until January 6, 2012 to let the BLM know what you think about this proposal. Click here to take action.

Also, the BLM will be holding five public meetings in the coming weeks in the following locations:  Nov. 29 (Alton), Nov. 30 (Kanab), Dec. 1 (Panguitch), Dec. 6 (Cedar City) and Dec. 7 (Salt Lake City).  Please consider attending one or more of these meetings to learn more about this terrible proposal and to share your concerns with BLM staff and managers.

With your help, we can turn back this short-sighted proposal.