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You know it.  I know it.  Greater Canyonlands’ spectacular geologic formations, 10,000-year-old archeological sites and world class recreational opportunities are definitely worth protecting.  But we still must convince President Obama of that fact.

Will you watch and share the video below to help spread the word about protecting Greater Canyonlands?

This summer, student volunteers have been working hard to interview Moab small business owners and other residents about the importance of protecting Greater Canyonlands.  Locals know that protecting the remaining wild lands in the region is both good for the environment and good for business and recreation.

President Obama CAN make Greater Canyonlands a national monument, but he needs to hear from you and your family and friends.

Please share our new video on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. — it’s an easy, simple way to help out with the Greater Canyonlands campaign!

Thanks for all you do.

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