Additional Ways to Give

Making a gift to help protect America’s redrock wilderness 

Supporting the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance goes beyond traditional donations. Whether through donating appreciated stocks, using donor-advised funds, or making qualified charitable distributions from your IRA, each method offers distinct benefits and enhances our collective efforts to protect wilderness. Your support is crucial in safeguarding the natural beauty and ecological integrity of Utah’s wild places for future generations. If you have other questions, please send an email to Development Associate Heather Rose Martinez,  


Gifting stock provides meaningful support to SUWA and helps you save on taxes by claiming a charitable deduction for the full value of the shares. To donate stock, please follow the link below, which will help us manage your donation, issue an accurate receipt, and ensure you receive the tax benefits you’re entitled to. Click here to donate stock!

Want to donate stock outside of the FreeWill tool? Below is the information to transfer your shares into SUWA’s account.

  • Investment Firm: Raymond James
  • Account Number: 326KL762
  • DTC Number: 0725

At the time of your donation notify Jon Metcalfe, Sr. Registered Client Service Associate with Raymond James: (385) 275-3593.

Donor-advised Funds (DAF): 

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are investment accounts designed exclusively to support charitable organizations. FreeWill’s DAF tool seamlessly integrates with your DAF custodian and not only streamlines your giving process, but also enhances your ability to protect Utah’s public lands. Click here to make a DAF gift! 

Give from your IRA through a Qualified Charitable Distribution:

If you are more than 70.5 years old, making a charitable donation from your IRA can significantly reduce your taxable income – and it’s also a great way to meet your Required Minimum Distribution (if you’re 73 years or older). The process is quick and user-friendly, with our IRA giving tool handling the paperwork for you. Click here to donate from your IRA!

Business Members:

SUWA’s Business Membership Program is a great way for your company or small business to support the protection of Utah’s redrock country. For an annual donation of $150 or more, we’ll list your company’s name on our website and once a year in our newsletter. At higher levels of support we’ll feature your business in our e-newsletter. Click here to join the Business Membership program today! 

Monthly Giving:

Monthly gifts ensure a consistent and reliable source of funding, allowing SUWA to mobilize quickly and tackle time-sensitive conservation challenges effectively. Monthly contributions are easy to set up, customizable to fit your budget, and can be adjusted at any time. Your support helps us sustain long-term projects and address ongoing conservation needs. Click here to become a monthly donor today!


An honorary donation to SUWA is an excellent way to congratulate someone on a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or promotion, or just because you think they are awesome! It also helps us in our efforts to protect America’s redrock wilderness for future generations. A memorial donation serves the same purpose if you wish to honor someone who has passed away. Click here to make a tribute gift today!

Gift Memberships:

Give the gift of conservation with a SUWA gift membership for just $25. Your recipient will receive a welcome packet, three newsletters annually, and the ubiquitous “Protect Wild Utah” sticker. After your purchase, you’ll have the option to download and print a certificate to present immediately. Click here to purchase a gift membership today!