Into the Canyonlands: Dead Horse Point

One of the most iconic overlooks in all of southern Utah is Dead Horse Point.  But while your viewing platform is part of Dead Horse Point State Park, the spectacular scenery below is not fully protected.  Take a look at this photograph, “Dead Horse Point at Sunrise” by Glenn Randall:

The far side of the river and the canyons in the background are protected as part of Canyonlands National Park – the White Rim Trail.  The gooseneck of the Colorado River and the land to the left have been left unprotected.  What you can’t see in this photograph is that further left, potash mining is taking place – still in view from the Dead Horse Point overlook.

By protecting Greater Canyonlands, we can help assure that what the Utah State Parks website calls “breathtaking views of the canyon country of southeastern Utah” from Dead Horse Point are not further desecrated by development.  Visit and to take action to protect this magnificent place!