Grassroots Activists: Utah’s Red Rock Stars

Wilderness Week activists from Utah meet with the White House Council on Environmental Quality about protecting Greater Canyonlands.

We can never say enough how much grassroots support for protecting Utah wilderness has helped to advance the cause.  For the Utah Wilderness Coalition’s biannual Wilderness Week in Washington, DC, about 31 fabulous redrock activists traveled from Utah and across the country to ask members of Congress to cosponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act (ARRWA), a piece of legislation that would protect over 9 million acres of Utah wilderness.  Utah activists also met with administration officials about protecting Greater Canyonlands and urged members of Congress to defend the President’s authority to designate national monuments through the Antiquities Act.

After receiving a thorough training from SUWA and Sierra Club staff, these Red Rock stars have already signed up a long list of original cosponsors for the introduction of ARRWA later this spring.  Even a storm that cancelled most flights home did not deter the Wilderness Weekers, who continued to attend meetings with congressional offices even though most of the government was shut down for the day.

Wilderness Week activist Kit Bowden with redrock supporter Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon.

The event was also a great opportunity for Utah wilderness fans to meet and network with others who also love the redrock.  In a new twist for Wilderness Week, the Utah Wilderness Coalition held a grassroots strategy session so participants would be equipped with the tools necessary to continue their advocacy upon their return home.

Once again, Wilderness Week has proven the strength of citizen activism.  SUWA’s DC staff is grateful that such eloquent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic folks are willing to take five days out of their lives to advocate for Utah wilderness.  Putting faces and real-life stories to a cause for congressional offices is really a priceless attribute that no set of facts and figures can surpass.  Thanks to all of the Wilderness Week participants, both past and present!


Help the Wilderness Week redrock activists with their mission!

1) Click here to send an email to your members of Congress asking that they cosponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.

2) Click here to sign our new petition.

Wilderness Week activists thank our new redrock bill champion, Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ).

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