Grand County (UT) Residents: Now Is the Time to Speak Up for Wilderness!

This past Tuesday, the off-road vehicle and anti-wilderness crowd turned out in force at a public hearing that the Grand County Council held regarding its recommendations for the Bishop Public Lands Initiative.

The aim of the boisterous crowd was to intimidate the council into backing down on their recommendations to protect public lands in Grand County.

Don’t let them succeed. The Grand County Council is accepting public comments on its proposal through next Wednesday, March 25th at

These comments will be a matter of public record, so even if you’ve written the council before on this matter, we need you to act again.

Please write a personal email to the council, thanking its members for:

  • The work they’ve done so far to achieve balance.
  • Protecting wilderness in the Book Cliffs and the eastern portion of the county (from Westwater to Beaver Creek), as well as in Mill Creek, Grandstaff Canyon, and Behind the Rocks.
  • Stopping the Book Cliffs Highway.
  • Saying “no” to an Antiquities Act exemption in Grand County.
  • Protecting the watershed and Colorado River Corridor with a National Conservation Area.

But also politely urge them to take the next steps by:

  • Recommending true wilderness in Labyrinth Canyon;
  • Closing 71 miles of Class D routes in the Big Triangle-Beaver Creek proposed wilderness.

Please email the council today at

It’s also of critical importance that the public hears from you. Please send a version of your comments as Letters to the Editor at both the Moab Times-Independent and the Moab Sun News:

Don’t let a small vocal minority intimidate the council into backing down on protecting our public lands. Please, take action today.