Contact Sec. Salazar today and ask him to stand firm on Wild Lands policy

The Wild Lands policy, which Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced late last year, sent a crystal clear message that wilderness protection of deserving BLM lands should be a high priority.  It finally reversed the much-maligned Bush administration’s “No More Wilderness” policy which wrongfully opened up scenic canyons and plateaus to off-road vehicle use, roads, and oil and gas drilling.  With his Wild Lands policy, Secretary Salazar restored wilderness to its rightful place among the many resources that BLM manages and we thank him for that.

Since then, wilderness foes in Congress with visions of industrial development in Utah’s spectacular redrock country have rabidly attacked the Wild Lands policy and succeeded in stripping the BLM of funding to implement it.

But Congress has plenty of wilderness friends, too.  This week, 44 congressional representatives wrote to Secretary Salazar expressing their support for the Wild Lands policy on behalf of the millions of Americans who want more wilderness lands protected, not less.

Please add your voice to those congressional representatives by calling or emailing Secretary Salazar today to tell him that you support the Wild Lands policy and that he should stand firm in the face of those who use intimidation tactics and bare-knuckled politics to deprive current and future Americans of their wilderness heritage.

Call Secretary Salazar at (202) 208-3100
OR send him an email through our online action center.

Thank you for all you do to protect Utah’s wild lands!

P.S.  If you’d like to take further action, please consider the following: