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  • February 26th, 2010

    Duh, it's not a land grab if you're already the landowner!
    "When a national monument is
    established, land is not "grabbed," as the headline asserts. The
    Antiquities Act authorizes presidents to establish national monuments
    only on land already owned by the federal government." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

    Patience wears thin at UT pols statehouse hijinks
    despite the length of their
    to-do list, lawmakers are wasting time and threatening to waste
    precious taxpayer dollars on ridiculous efforts to tell the federal
    government to take a hike back to Washington, D.C., and leave Utah to
    their wisdom. Reps. Chris Herrod of Provo and Ken Sumsion of American
    Fork, both Republicans, are acting like banty roosters crowing over
    what is probably the most nonsensical idea yet, although competition
    for that honor this year is fierce."  Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

  • February 24th, 2010

    Anti-public lands rally held at UT statehouse…
    "A contingent of Top of Utah residents and lawmakers joined a states' rights rally at the Capitol on Tuesday. 'Take Back Utah' was the rallying cry for the assembly of more than
    200 people as they gathered in the rotunda to hear from a variety of
    speakers, mostly Republican lawmakers." Read more – Standard-Examiner

    …but other lawmakers have grown weary of this type of silliness.
    lawmakers need to get back to business and start addressing the state's real
    problems rather than spending so much time telling — and retelling — the feds
    to back off, say minority party members." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

  • February 23rd, 2010

     Noel_clarkBlogger heaps justifiable scorn on UT pols bad behavior
    other words
    , the Legislature's cowboys want to bet $3 million in legal fees on
    what is, at best, a one in 10 chance. I
    t's painfully obvious that we live in a
    without legalized gambling. Them's chump's odds. But, then again, Mike
    Noel and Chris Herrod are betting taxpayers' money, not their
    own." Read more – Salt Lake Crawler

  • February 22nd, 2010

    Making Canyonlands whole
    "From the lip of Grand View Point, an immense ruddy landscape in a
    constant state of decay sweeps before your eyes. And yet, though you're
    in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, not all you see is within the park. And for many, that's a problem that should have been corrected long ago. Step into Canyonlands, whether via the Island in the Sky, the Needles, or the Maze districts,
    and you enter perhaps the most rugged backcountry park in the Lower 48." Read more – National Parks Traveler

    NY Times examines why national monuments are so contentious in the west
    "In much of the nation, “monument” is
    an innocuous word, conjuring up images of historical figures cast in bronze or
    road-side plaques few stop to read.
    In the West, though, it’s a fighting
    word, bound up for years with simmering resentments against the federal
    government and presidential powers. The feeling dates to the days when, with the
    stroke of a pen, Theodore
    Roosevelt declared lands he wished to protect as national monuments under
    the American Antiquities
    Act." Read more – New York Times