A Dangerous Proposal

Utah Governor Gary Herbert not only wants to get rid of protections for Utah’s wild lands — now he’s supporting legislation that demands the federal government sell all of the public land in Utah.

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Gooseneck of the Colorado River
Gooseneck of the Colorado.
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We need your help to stop him from destroying the wild landscapes we all love. Can you make a contribution to SUWA today to help us fight Governor Herbert’s dangerous proposals?

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First, Gov. Herbert announced in December that Utah intends to sue the United States to claim control of nearly 19,000 “roads” in wild areas that are roadless. Now, he’s supporting state legislation that would demand the selling of all federal public land in Utah.

He even went so far as to say at a recent news conference:  “The federal government needs to answer the question ‘why have you not disposed of this property?’”

He’s talking about public lands that you and I own together — lands that are part of our national heritage!

And to make matters worse — one of the sponsors of the “sell-it-all” legislation is a housing developer.

Will you stand with us today to stop Governor Herbert from destroying Utah’s wild lands?

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For the last 29 years the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, with tremendous help from supporters like you, has fought to protect Utah’s redrock wilderness and, with your help, we’ve managed to secure some form of protection for over 5 million acres.  But Governor Herbert’s attack on wilderness could undo this protection and is poses the greatest threat to redrock wilderness in years.

Please join us to stop Governor Herbert’s attack on lands that belong to all Americans.