What President Obama Will See In Denver

Tomorrow, President Obama will be arriving in Denver as part of a series of stops in Western states to talk about jobs.

And when he arrives, he’ll be greeted by television and newspaper ads that ask him to do his job — and protect the Greater Canyonlands region of Utah.

Take a moment to watch the TV ad:

Click here to see the full page ads in the Denver Post (opens in PDF).

Just a few weeks ago, Obama’s Department of Interior rejected a request for a public process to begin discussing the future of Greater Canyonlands — the 1.4 million acres of BLM land surrounding Canyonlands National Park that is under threat from rampant off-road vehicle abuse and proposed uranium and tar sands mining.

In fact, the Obama administration has gone so far as to defend President Bush’s plans for the area — the same plans that opened up more than 3,000 miles of off-road vehicle trails in proposed redrock wilderness areas.

That’s why SUWA — along with Coloradans for Utah Wilderness, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Trust, and Great Old Broads for Wilderness — is bringing the message directly to President Obama when he visits Denver: it’s time for him to lead, and to protect Greater Canyonlands.

The Greater Canyonlands region is within a day’s drive of most residents of Colorado — in a sense, it’s in Colorado’s “back yard.”

But the lands belong to all Americans, wherever we live. Please take a moment to amplify our message to President Obama by sending him an email and telling him to protect Greater Canyonlands, or by calling the White House at 1-202-456-1111.