Utah Wilderness News, November 10, 2010

Salazar should allow wilderness study areas

"The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Sierra Club and other environmental groups and individuals contend that the 2003 agreement’s interpretation of FLPMA as authorizing only one inventory of wilderness-quality lands, the one completed in 1993, is wrong, unprecedented and unenforceable.

We agree. And we’re disappointed that Salazar told Sen. Bob Bennett that the BLM currently has no authority to designate more WSAs.

Salazar can and should overrule the 2003 deal and return to the accepted interpretation of FLPMA. Once our outdoor treasures are irreparably damaged, they cannot be repaired. We must protect them for our children and grandchildren."  Editorial – The Salt Lake Tribune

SUWA announces Utah Wilderness media campaign

"The SUWA campaign, announced Tuesday at the organization's Salt Lake City offices, will capitalize on what it says is a 'growing shift' in public opinion about wilderness in the state.

'The Utah wilderness movement has had great success over the last 20 years in terms of building support in the state,' Groene said in a telephone interview. 'There's been dramatic increase in support of wilderness and we want to broaden and deepen that support by providing information about the importance of wilderness in Utah.'"  Read more – Deseret News

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Choose healthy air

"But the people who live and work in the Uinta Basin are not reaping those benefits. And the lack of monitoring and enforcement means there is no incentive to improve the current unhealthy air or prevent it getting worse. Dr. Brian Moench, president of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, says the additional ozone from thousands of proposed wells would add as much ozone as the emissions of 13 million cars.

The DAQ should treat the basin as it does the Wasatch Front and require polluters to meet federal standards."  Editorial – The Salt Lake Tribune