Utah Wilderness News, May 19, 2010

is out! New BLM director for Utah

Steve Bloch, an attorney for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, said that Sierra’s departure was expected. “She did not and could not represent the kind of change in direction that [Interior] Secretary [Ken] Salazar says he wants,” said Bloch, whose conservation group has locked horns repeatedly with Sierra throughout her tenure.

Bloch said that Sierra had put off-road vehicle and energy
development above all other uses in the
management plans
she oversaw for 11 million acres in southern and eastern

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With Bennett’s ouster, wilderness plans in limbo

Sen. Bennett’s defeat in last week’s primary has put his plans to designate areas of Southern Utah as protected wilderness in limbo.

The proposed legislation follows closely his Washington county bill, passed last year, and affects areas of San Juan county.

“We’re certainly ready and willing to see if we can do something this year,” says SUWA’s Scott Groene. The Senator and his staff have echoed similar sentiment.

“Knowing Sen. Bennett, he’ll keep working right until the last day.”

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Editorial: Bennett should push for wilderness pact

An insightful editorial about the importance of protecting Utah’s wilderness. 

The progress that has been made in the last year has been too great to simply turn back with Bennett’s loss. We must push forward with a continuing effort and remain dedicated to America’s red rocks.

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