Utah Wilderness News, February 7, 2011

A response to baseless criticism of the “Wild Lands” policy

“The BLM has a responsibility to manage public lands for multiple uses, where appropriate, and to protect those lands for future generations. Salazar’s order merely makes the agency’s responsibility to protect as important as its duty to manage.”  Editorial – The Salt Lake Tribune

Let’s do it right in Recapture Canyon

“County commissioners have repeatedly stated that they want the canyon open for tourists and visitors. As a San Juan County taxpayer, I’m sympathetic. There aren’t a lot of jobs near Blanding and if tourist dollars can help the motels and restaurants in southeastern Utah, sure, why not? But let’s do it right. Let’s have some long-range planning and give serious thought to how to open a remote area and not have it clandestinely pot-hunted.”  Op-ed – The Salt Lake Tribune

The BLM is still considering legitimizing an illegal ATV route

“A southeastern Utah ATV trail illegally built by two Blanding men may yet become a legitimate motorized route for people who want to view ancient cliff dwellings. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is considering a San Juan County application for the right of way in Recapture Canyon. Such a prospect outrages people who prefer to protect archaeological sites by keeping them remote. They can’t understand why the BLM would reward a criminal action that last month resulted in $35,000 in fines to the trail builders.”  Read more – The Salt Lake Tribune