Utah Wilderness News, February 10, 2010

Sen. Udall introduces legislation to bring accountability for public land damage
The illegal destruction of thousands of acres of public lands in Colorado by off-road vehicles and fires caused by carelessness has prompted legislation that could result in much stronger penalties for those responsible. U.S. Senator Mark Udall, D-Eldorado Springs, and Rep. John Salazar, D-Manassa, announced today that they have introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives designed to deter damage to public lands caused by illegal or reckless activities." Read more – Denver Post

Ogden newspaper pushes back on climate change denial resolution
"We note another time-waster in the Utah Legislature with the House's passage of House Joint Resolution 12, which purports to smack down so-called climate alarmists for their inability to connect global warming with the current downturn in global temperatures. HJR12 is sponsored by Rep. Kerry Gibson, R-Ogden. Gibson is a dairy and crop farmer. A strong backer of the resolution — which urges the Environmental Protection Agency to not regulate pollution attributed to climate change "until a full and independent investigation of the climate data conspiracy and global warming science can be substantiated" — is the Utah Farm Bureau." Read more – Standard-Examiner