Utah Wilderness News, December 24, 2010

Headlines from yesterday's announcement by Interior Secretary Salazar:

"It’s been too long in coming, but today Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is repealing a sneak attack on millions of acres of pristine public lands in the West launched by his Bush administration predecessor Gale Norton."  Read more – The Wonk Room

"For outdoor recreation Utah, this will be a good thing as possibly millions of acres of wilderness-quality lands will gain protection from development while still allowing gas and oil drilling on BLM lands that are appropriate for such activity. Looks like a win-win."  Read more – UtahOutside.com

“'The new Wild Lands policy affirms the B.L.M.’s authorities under the law — and our responsibility to the American people — to protect the wilderness characteristics of the lands we oversee,' the bureau’s director, Bob Abbey, said in a statement."  Read more – The New York Times

"In a news conference in Denver, Salazar said the Norton settlement was wrong and 'should never have happened.'"  Read more – Los Angeles Times

"'Americans love the wild places where they hunt, fish, hike, and get away from it all, and they expect these lands to be protected wisely on their behalf,' Mr Salazar said in a statement."  Read more – BBC News

"'For the last seven years, the BLM — which manages more land than any other federal agency — has not had a comprehensive national wilderness policy,' Salazar said."  Read more – Reuters