Utah Wilderness News, December 14, 2010

Alton coal mine: Sacrificing long-term interests for short-term gain

"It seems that some harebrained scheme related to land or energy development is always floating about in Utah. The latest such questionable proposal is for surface (strip) coal mine located less than ten miles west of Bryce Canyon National Park.

Alton Coal Development LLC – a private company of investors in Florida – is the proponent of this latest project that would put short-term gain above long-term interests. The initial phase of this endeavor would strip surface coal from 635 acres of private land near Alton, Utah. From that point the coal would be trucked to Cedar City. Hundreds of double-trailer trucks will pass through Panguitch nearly every day. The mine on private lands is expected to produce coal for approximately three years and then the project proponent hopes to expand on to public lands for an additional 3,500 acres."  Read more – Outdoor Utah Adventure Journal

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