Utah Wilderness News, December 13, 2010

Robert Redford: Utah doesn’t need Alton Coal Mine

“Even within Utah’s renowned redrock splendor, Bryce is unique. Nowhere else has the same combination of pink and orange rock fins that gracefully descend into the canyon, sandstone spires that seem sculpted by a giant’s hand, and soaring ponderosa pines that add a splash of green to the red canyon walls.

At more than 8,000 feet in elevation and with little moisture, Bryce country has extraordinarily crystalline air that is so clear you can see 100 miles from the canyon rim. It is also home to some of the darkest skies in the nation, revealing a universe more crowded with stars than city dwellers could possibly remember.

This singular beauty is what tens of thousands of people come to Bryce Canyon National Park each year to see; they do not come to see the gray gash of a coal mine.”  Read more – The Huffington Post

YouTube videos show ORV damage

“Four-wheelers ripping through Southwestern U.S. desert landscapes can do a lot of damage to fragile ecosystems. And some of the best evidence comes in the form of YouTube videos made by the drivers and their buddies themselves.

To see for yourself, tune in to the ORV Mayhem video collection created by the Southwestern Utah Wilderness Alliance. (ORV means off-road vehicle, a broad class that includes full-size 4×4 vehicles as well as all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, and motorcycles). SUWA challenged its members to submit videos showing ORV abuse on Utah’s public lands, and they responded with a veritable gallery of jackassery.”  Read more – UTNE Reader

And conservation groups rate BLM’s ORV management

“Environmental groups have released a report sharply critical of federal oversight of off-road vehicle routes in southern and eastern Utah. The Utah Rivers Council, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Sierra Club’s Utah chapter gave the BLM poor marks for protecting the environment and cultural resources from off-road vehicle damage.”  Read more – ksl.com