Utah Wilderness News, August 6, 2010

Common ground can be found

recent compromise between the oil and gas company Bill Barrett Corp. and
environmentalists, allowing the company to drill for natural gas while
protecting sensitive areas, is a ray of hope for a nation facing huge energy
needs. If factions so long at odds over the future of wilderness areas in
Utah can find
common ground, just about any problem could be

Bureau of Land Management signed off on the compromise in its final
environmental impact statement on the West Tavaputs Natural Gas Full Field
Development Plan. The compromise came after talks among Bill Barrett and the
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and other groups, putting to rest the
long-held notion that compromise was unthinkable in matters concerning delicate
parts of the state.”
  Editorial – Deseret News

Field trip planned for Piute County land use discussion

“Piute County Commissioner Rick Blackwell said an exact amount of
acreage for the wilderness areas remains on the negotiating table, with a
field trip planned next week to those locations. The trip will include
elected officials and representatives from environmental groups, among

have been working on this for four or five years, and we are hoping
that in the next month we may have a bill ready to present,” he said.”  Read more – Deseret News

Utah board allows strip mine near Bryce Canyon

“The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance had promised to take the case
to state courts, if necessary, keeping the project tied up. Steve Bloch,
a staff lawyer for the group, said Tuesday he was studying the 29-page
decision before making a decision on further appeals.

“There is no
denying, however, that this is bad news for the air, water and dark
night skies at Bryce Canyon National Park and surrounding communities,”
he said.”  Read more – Associated Press