Utah Wilderness News, August 16, 2010

ilent focus: Neuroscientists float the San Juan River to ponder how the brain works

GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, Utah — Todd Braver emerges from a
tent nestled against the canyon wall. He has a slight tan, except for a
slim pale band around his wrist.

For the first time in three days in the wilderness, Mr. Braver is not wearing his watch. “I forgot,” he says.

It is a small thing, the kind of change many vacationers notice in
themselves as they unwind and lose track of time. But for Mr. Braver
and his companions, these moments lead to a question: What is happening
to our brains? Read more–The New York Times

Future of San Juan County public lands bill still uncertain

Attempts by the San Juan County Commission to speed up efforts to
create a collaborative public lands management bill for the county
threaten to reopen old wounds, an environmental group said this week.
San Juan commissioners said this week that they will begin preparing
maps of areas discussed earlier this year during a collaborative
process that included land management agencies, conservation groups and
other stakeholders, as county commissioners move to salvage gains made
during that process. Read more–The Moab Times-Independent