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The list below describes numerous ways you can personally help Protect Wild Utah through volunteering. You can also view our calendar of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities or visit our Act Now page for more ways to get involved.

Looking to volunteer in the field with SUWA?
Visit our Service Project page to browse projects and apply now.

Staff an Outreach Table

SUWA regularly hosts education-action booths at events, festivals and fairs. We need volunteers to give a half or full day to represent SUWA at these events. These opportunities are a ton of fun and highly rewarding. Click here to join our list of interested “tablers” and see the Events Calendar to look for upcoming opportunities that fit your schedule.

Volunteer at Events

SUWA organizes larger community events such as rallies, marches and public forums. Volunteers provide crucial logistical help such as holding up banners, passing out signs and informational handbills, leading chants, making artistic displays, hauling materials to and from the event and more. Click here to join our list of Event Volunteers and see the Events Calendar to volunteer your time at a specific event.

Become a Latinx Outreach Volunteer

​The wilderness protection movement is growing roots in Latinx, Chicanx, and Hispanic communities! Get involved by helping at events with Spanish-speaking opportunities, suggesting venues for presentations or activities, or creating content friendly for Spanish speakers. Click here to join our volunteer list.

Participate in a Volunteer Service Project

SUWA offers the opportunity for volunteers to join public land managers for hands-on work trips in various backcountry locations. Get your hands dirty and enjoy spectacular scenery while learning more about the issues affecting Utah’s public lands. Visit our Service Project page for more information or click here to see the 2018 list of scheduled service trips.

Create Audio-Visual Media

A picture is worth a thousand words—videos are worth perhaps even more. Volunteer your audio-visual editing skills to make creative online media for SUWA’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other online accounts. If you’d like to volunteer your services, please email