Tell Secretary Jewell to stand up to Utah’s public land grab

Great news!  Last week, a federal court judge placed a restraining order on a bizarre state law that would have criminalized any attempt by a Bureau of Land Management or Forest Service ranger to enforce state laws (like speed limits) on federal lands in Utah.

You might be thinking ‘what does this have to do with redrock wilderness?’

Well, a lot.

Over the last few years, the state of Utah has embarked on a costly battle with the federal government to take control of nearly every aspect of public land management away from American taxpayers.  In this case, reality has finally caught up with Utah Governor Gary Herbert – but only because the United States Government vigorously defended its rights.

We need to see more of this. Can you take a moment to contact Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and ask her to vigorously defend public lands from the state of Utah’s massive public lands takeover?

Click here to contact Secretary Jewell now.

In particular, Secretary Jewell needs to hear that people across the country support the federal government’s opposition to Utah’s demanding title to dirt tracks, roads and trails under the nineteenth century mining law provision known as R.S. 2477.  These claims threaten millions of acres of proposed wilderness and the proposed Greater Canyonlands National Monument — because if Utah wins, these claims would essentially grant vehicular access everywhere in perpetuity.

This can’t happen.  Please ask Secretary Jewell to stand up to the nonsense coming out of Utah and help safeguard our public lands.

Click here to contact Secretary Jewell now.