Take Action: Defend Utah’s Public Lands from Senator Lee’s Attacks!

Jun 28th, 2024 Written by suwa

For decades, Utah politicians have been out of touch with everyday Utahns when it comes to protecting the redrock wilderness—and current Senator Mike Lee is no exception. He’s unleashed a new series of bills attacking the redrock and other protected public lands, and we need to push back. Please take action today!

>> If you live in Utah, click here to contact Senator Lee and let him know you oppose his anti-public-lands bills!
>> If you live outside of Utah, reach out to your elected officials and ask them to cosponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act today!

These are just a few of Senator Lee’s bad bills we’re tracking:

  • S. 4561: A bill to amend the Wilderness Act. This bill claims the Wilderness Act was incorrectly interpreted and should not actually ban the use of bicycles, strollers, and game carts in designated wilderness. It would make local officials responsible for setting rules regarding party sizes, speed limits, and seasonal restrictions. This has the potential to turn into a free-for-all and could cause serious damage to sensitive landscapes.
  • S. 4557: A bill to allow OHVs in certain areas of Capitol Reef National Park. This bill would undermine the NPS’s ability to protect unique park resources and would require the agency to allow off-highway vehicles (OHVs, also commonly referred to as ORVs) on roads in Capitol Reef.
  • S. 4560: A bill to allow OHVs in national parks. This legislation would allow state (not federal) law to control how and where OHVs can use roads in National Park Service System units. OHVs are currently not allowed in national parks; if this bill goes into effect, the agency would no longer have the ability to ensure that OHVs are used responsibly. One only has to look at the consequences of unregulated OHV use on BLM lands to know that this does not bode well for potential impacts to national parks.

We need to show Senator Lee that his bills—which level attacks against both the redrock and other public lands—have no chance of becoming law, and that our redrock champions from across the country remain resolute.

Thank you for your support in protecting the Redrock!