Roads are a family value?

A claimed route in the Bridger Jack Mesa proposed wilderness. Copyright Ray Bloxham/SUWA.

For Utah families, life is filled with questions about the future.  How is my child doing in school?  Is he/she getting enough individual attention?  How do I save for college, for retirement, for that vacation we’ve dreamed about?  How do we get quality time together in a world with endless pressures and demands?

Utah families don’t mull these questions and conclude that the answer is to rip apart Utah’s wilderness with tens of thousands of bogus road claims. Only Governor Gary Herbert does that.

Tell Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that roads to nowhere are not a family value!

In a jaw-droppingly tone deaf press conference on Tuesday, Utah Chief Deputy Attorney General John Swallow claimed that the thousands of gullies, cow paths and dry washes Utah has claimed as highways “. . . do go somewhere and we need to make sure they are safe enough to provide access to Utah’s families and resources.”

Families?  The State of Utah is prepared to spend millions litigating faint desert tracks through Utah’s wilderness, but it would blanch at the thought of spending that money on education.

Tell Sec. Salazar to defend our land against Utah’s bogus road claims!

If these Utah politicians really cared about families, they would know that now, more than ever, we need our wild lands protected.  They are places where we can reconnect with our children, away from the lure of technology – places where we can tell stories around a campfire and try to name the stars.

Utah seeks these rights-of-way to prevent wilderness from being protected.  It’s that simple, and that awful.  They are seeking to destroy our children’s wilderness heritage.  We can’t let that happen.

Tell Sec. Salazar that paving our last great wild places is not good for families.