Moab Master Leasing Plan: A Chance to Get it Right

Sep 16th, 2015 Written by Steve Bloch

In August, the BLM’s Canyon Country District Office released the long-awaited Moab Master Leasing Plan for public review and comment.  When finalized, this plan will govern the scope, pace and nature of oil, gas and potash development on more than 750,000 acres of public lands in the stunning Moab area.

Tell the BLM to protect Moab’s redrock country from oil, gas, and potash development.

While the draft “Moab MLP” is a good first step to protect places like Fisher Towers, Porcupine Rim, and Goldbar Canyon from being overrun by the sight and sound of pump jacks and drill rigs, more work remains to be done.

Labyrinth Canyon (RayBloxham)
Labyrinth Canyon, copyright Ray Bloxham/SUWA.

Under the BLM’s current “preferred alternative,” Labyrinth Canyon and its many stunning side canyons would be targeted for leasing and drilling.  The agency would also give potash development and its staggering water use the green light – with over 42,000 acres of public lands prioritized as “potash processing facility areas,” including sites near Labyrinth Canyon and at the entrance to the Needles and Anticline Overlook roads.

If you want to see these magnificent landscapes protected, not exploited, let the BLM know!

The BLM needs to hear from you that you value the greater Moab area’s dark night skies, clean air, and wild open spaces.

Click here to send your comments to the BLM.

Thank you.