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There are several ways for supporters and public land defenders to join the ranks of our Stewardship Program and serve with SUWA in the field. Review the position descriptions below. If you have any questions, contact our Stewardship Director.

Stewardship Crewmember

The backbone of our Stewardship Program, our crewmembers join for a single project or a multi-project season, traveling far and wide across Utah’s magnificent and diverse public lands to serve on reclamation and wilderness protection projects. Commitments vary from 1-5 days and are determined on a project-by-project basis. To join our monthly mailing list and stay informed as to the latest projects and opportunities, Apply Now.

Wilderness Steward

The Wilderness Stewards are our local eyes and ears on the ground. Based in the county in which they reside, our Stewards maintain a regular schedule of public lands monitoring, focused on wilderness study areas (WSAs), lands with wilderness characteristics (LWCs), natural areas, America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act parcels (ARRWA), and more. Our Wilderness Stewards ensure ongoing impacts and illegal actions committed on Utah’s public lands are reported swiftly and effectively. Through field data collected on independent and group outings, our Stewardship Program develops comprehensive project proposals, keeping our Field Volunteer Crews busy and our public lands protected.

Our Wilderness Stewards program is dependent upon local volunteers across the state. Regional Wilderness Steward training sessions are organized periodically.

To join an existing group or to propose organizing a chapter in your region, county or community, contact volunteer@suwa.org