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Upcoming Projects

Special Notice: We are currently only able to accept individuals who have been vaccinated and who will achieve full vaccination efficacy by the time of the project for which they are applying. We are doing this to do our part to slow the transmission of the virus and to ensure the highest level of protection for our volunteer crews.





Word to the Wilderness Wise: If a project is marked Waiting List you are still encouraged to apply! Rosters regularly shift and many of our Waiting List applicants will be offered a place on their project of choice.

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2021 Project Archive

Mar – Mill Creek Canyon WSA
Apr – Hackberry Canyon
Apr – Behind the Rocks WSA
May – San Rafael Swell – Mexican Mountain
MayWilderness Stewards Training
May – Archeological Survey Week I
May – Archeological Survey Week II
Jun – San Rafael Swell – Mexican Mountain II
Jul  – Bears Ears National Monument Stewardship Weekend
Aug – High Uintas Wilderness – Project I


2020 Project Archive

Jun – North Stansbury Mountains WSA
Jun – Cedar Mountain Wilderness
Jun – Deep Creek Mountains
Jul – Water Canyon/Canaan Mountain Wilderness
Jul – Bears Ears Service Weekend [Wilderness]
Jul – Fivemile Pass Clean-up [Latino Conservation Week Event]
Jul – Bears Ears Service Weekend [Forests]
Aug – La Sal Mountains Service Weekend
Aug – High Uintas Wilderness Service Week
Aug – Chipeta Canyon Stewardship Project
Sept – West Desert Service Weekend
Sept – Cedar Mountain Wilderness
Sept – GSENM Stewardship Weekend
Oct – Mill Creek Canyon WSA
Nov – Canaan Mountain Wilderness

2019 Project Archive

Mar – Lost Spring Service Project
Mar – Grand Staircase-Escalante NM I
Mar – Grand Staircase-Escalante NM II
Apr – West Desert WSA Service Project
Apr – Porcupine Rim Service Project
May – Wilderness Steward Training [Washington County]
May – Porcupine Rim Service Project II
June – West Desert WSA Service Project II           
June – Cedar Mountains Wilderness Service Project
June – Spring Creek Canyon Service Project
July – Bears Ears  Service Weekend
July – High Uintas Wilderness Service Weekend
Aug – Stewardship Training [Statewide]
Aug – Cottonwood Narrows Service Project
Sept – Deep Creek Mountains Service Project
Sept – Cedar Mountain Wilderness Service Project II
Sept – Westwater Canyon Service Project 
Sept – La Sal Mountains Service Project
Oct – Mexican Mountain Wilderness Service Project (University of Utah)
Oct – White Canyon/Cheesebox Canyon WSA (High Mountain Institute)
Oct – Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Nov – Red Wash Service Project 
Nov – West Desert WSA Service Project III

2018 Project Archive

Jan – Behind the Rocks WSA
Feb – Inaugural Washington County Wilderness Stewardship Training
Mar – GSENM II Service Project
Mar – Notch Peak WSA/Barn Hills Service Project
Apr – Fish & Owl Canyons Service Project
Apr – GSENM III Service Project
Apr – Cedar Mountain Wilderness I Service Project
May – House Range Service Project
July – Bears Ears Service Weekend II
July – Bears Ears Service Weekend III
Aug – La Sal Mountains Service Project II
Sept – Three Kiva Service Project
Sept – Deep Creek Mountains Service Project
Sept – Westwater WSA Service Project
Oct – GSENM IV Service Project
Oct – San Rafael Swell/Buckhorn Wash Service Project
Oct – Cedar Mesa Service Project
Oct – Indian Creek/Butler Wash Service Project
Nov – Arches Adjacent Lands Service Project

2017 Project Archive

May – Ten Mile Canyon Service Project
June – Roberts Bottom Service Project
July – Bears Ears Service Weekend I
Aug – La Sal Mountains Service Project I
Sept – Mule Canyon Service Project
Sept – San Rafael Swell Service Project
Oct – GSENM I Service Project
Oct – Indian Creek Service Project I
Nov – Salt Wash Service Project

2016 Project Archive

Aug – Henry Mountains Service Project
Sept – Five Hole Arch Service Project
Oct – Corona Arch Service Project