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Upcoming Projects

Check back February 1st, 2019 for an up-to-date listing of Spring/Summer Service Projects and additional volunteer opportunities with SUWA’s Service Program.                Questions? Contact volunteer@suwa.org or call (435) 259-9151.

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February 9/10         Wilderness Steward Training [Washington County] 

March 1/2                 Lost Spring Service Project

March 17/18/19       GSENM [Outdoor Pursuits, University of Wisconsin]

March 20/21/22      GSENM [Thayne Center, Salt Lake Community College]

May 11/12                   Canaan Mountain Wilderness Service Project

May 18/19                  Book Cliffs Service Project

September 14/15     Westwater Canyon Service Project 

November 2/3          WSA Service Project [TBD]