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Upcoming Projects

Word to the Wilderness Wise: If a project is marked Waiting List you are still encouraged to apply! Rosters regularly shift and many of our Waiting List applicants will be offered a place on their project of choice.

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2023 Stewardship Project Calendar
[Registration opens February 1st, 2023.]

February 25 – Canyon Country Stewardship TrainingGrand & San Juan County Residents Only
March 18 – Mill Creek Canyon WSAReserved for University of Utah Alternative Break Students
March [28-31] – Emery County Wilderness I

April 11/12 – Book Cliffs
April 21-24 – GSENM – Circle Cliffs I
April 27-29 – GSENM – Southern WSAs
May 3/4 – Dirty Devil WSA
May 5-7 – Cedar Mesa

May 16-19 – GSENM – Hole-in-the-Rock– Collaboration with GSEP
May 23-26 – Bears Ears Archaeology
June 13-15 – The West Desert
June TBD – Manti-La Sal National Forest
July 13-16 – Bears Ears Wilderness
Aug 1-3 – Deep Creek Mountains
Sept 16/17 – Westwater Canyon Volunteer Appreciation Rivertrip – Open to Returning Volunteers
Sept 22-25 – GSENM – Circle Cliffs II – Reserved for PNW Friends Trip [OFWU/WFWU]

Oct 3-6 – GSENM South – Skutumpah & Cottonwood Canyon
Oct [9-13] – Emery County Wilderness II

Oct 20-23 – GSENM – North Escalante Canyons
Oct 25/26 – Dolores Triangle

Nov 4/5 – Washington County Wilderness – Reserved for a Private Group
Nov 15/16 – Poison Spring Canyon

2022 Project Archive

Mar – Grand Staircase-Escalante NM – Big Spencer Flat
Mar – Canyon Rims Stewardship Project 

Apr – Grand Staircase-Escalante NM – Calf Creek
Apr – La Sal Mountains – Pack Creek Watershed Restoration

Apr – Labyrinth Canyon Wilderness Stewardship Week
May – Book Cliffs Stewardship Project 

May – Bears Ears National Monument Archaeological Survey Week
Jun – West Desert Spring Stewardship Project
Jun – Cedar Mountain Wilderness
Jun – Water Canyon Stewardship Day
July – Bears Ears NM – Wilderness
July – La Sal Mountain Meadows Stewardship Project
Sept – Westwater Canyon Volunteer Appreciation Rivertrip
Sept – Grand Staircase-Escalante National Public Lands Day Weekend
Oct – House Range Stewardship Project
Oct – Muddy Creek Wilderness Stewardship Week
Oct – Red Wash Stewardship Project
Oct – Cedar Mountain Wilderness II
Oct – Canaan Mountain Wilderness I
Nov – Canaan Mountain Wilderness II

2021 Project Archive

Mar – Mill Creek Canyon WSA
Apr – Hackberry Canyon
Apr – Behind the Rocks WSA
May – San Rafael Swell – Mexican Mountain
May – Wilderness Stewards Training
May – Archeological Survey Week I
May – Archeological Survey Week II
Jun – San Rafael Swell – Mexican Mountain II
Jul – Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument I
Jul  – Bears Ears National Monument Stewardship Weekend
Aug – High Uintas Wilderness – Project I
Aug – High Uintas Wilderness – Project II
Sept – San Rafael Reef Wilderness – Project I 
Sept – Westwater Canyon WSA
Sept – San Rafael Reef Wilderness – Project II
Oct – San Rafael Reef Wilderness – Project III
Oct – University of Utah First Generation Alternative Break Stewardship Project 

Oct – Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument II – (SUWA Diversity Scholars)
Nov – Southeastern Utah Stewardship Immersion
Nov – Ten Mile Point Stewardship Weekend
Nov – Canaan Mountain Wilderness

2020 Project Archive

Jun – North Stansbury Mountains WSA
Jun – Cedar Mountain Wilderness
Jun – Deep Creek Mountains
Jul – Water Canyon/Canaan Mountain Wilderness
Jul – Bears Ears Service Weekend [Wilderness]
Jul – Fivemile Pass Clean-up [Latino Conservation Week Event]
Jul – Bears Ears Service Weekend [Forests]
Aug – La Sal Mountains Service Weekend
Aug – High Uintas Wilderness Service Week
Aug – Chipeta Canyon Stewardship Project
Sept – West Desert Service Weekend
Sept – Cedar Mountain Wilderness
Sept – GSENM Stewardship Weekend
Oct – Mill Creek Canyon WSA
Nov – Canaan Mountain Wilderness

2019 Project Archive

Mar – Lost Spring Service Project
Mar – Grand Staircase-Escalante NM I
Mar – Grand Staircase-Escalante NM II
Apr – West Desert WSA Service Project
Apr – Porcupine Rim Service Project
May – Wilderness Steward Training [Washington County]
May – Porcupine Rim Service Project II
June – West Desert WSA Service Project II           
June – Cedar Mountains Wilderness Service Project
June – Spring Creek Canyon Service Project
July – Bears Ears  Service Weekend
July – High Uintas Wilderness Service Weekend
Aug – Stewardship Training [Statewide]
Aug – Cottonwood Narrows Service Project
Sept – Deep Creek Mountains Service Project
Sept – Cedar Mountain Wilderness Service Project II
Sept – Westwater Canyon Service Project 
Sept – La Sal Mountains Service Project
Oct – Mexican Mountain Wilderness Service Project (University of Utah)
Oct – White Canyon/Cheesebox Canyon WSA (High Mountain Institute)
Oct – Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Nov – Red Wash Service Project 
Nov – West Desert WSA Service Project III

2018 Project Archive

Jan – Behind the Rocks WSA
Feb – Inaugural Washington County Wilderness Stewardship Training
Mar – GSENM II Service Project
Mar – Notch Peak WSA/Barn Hills Service Project
Apr – Fish & Owl Canyons Service Project
Apr – GSENM III Service Project
Apr – Cedar Mountain Wilderness I Service Project
May – House Range Service Project
July – Bears Ears Service Weekend II
July – Bears Ears Service Weekend III
Aug – La Sal Mountains Service Project II
Sept – Three Kiva Service Project
Sept – Deep Creek Mountains Service Project
Sept – Westwater WSA Service Project
Oct – GSENM IV Service Project
Oct – San Rafael Swell/Buckhorn Wash Service Project
Oct – Cedar Mesa Service Project
Oct – Indian Creek/Butler Wash Service Project
Nov – Arches Adjacent Lands Service Project

2017 Project Archive

May – Ten Mile Canyon Service Project
June – Roberts Bottom Service Project
July – Bears Ears Service Weekend I
Aug – La Sal Mountains Service Project I
Sept – Mule Canyon Service Project
Sept – San Rafael Swell Service Project
Oct – GSENM I Service Project
Oct – Indian Creek Service Project I
Nov – Salt Wash Service Project

2016 Project Archive

Aug – Henry Mountains Service Project
Sept – Five Hole Arch Service Project
Oct – Corona Arch Service Project