Happy 50th, Canyonlands National Park!

Gooseneck Overlook, Canyonlands National Park.  Copyright Ray Mathis.
Gooseneck Overlook, Canyonlands National Park. Copyright Ray Mathis.

Get ready for some celebrating—Canyonlands National Park is turning 50 today! That’s 50 years of gorgeous sunsets, tranquil hikes, and family exploration in one of the wildest, most beautiful parts of the United States—all thanks to a handful of Americans who had the foresight to recognize Canyonlands as one of Earth’s treasures, and sought to protect it from degradation.

Thank goodness for them.

But the work begun 50 years ago is not yet done. While we love Canyonlands, the boundaries of the park do not reflect the totality of the place, and much of what deserved protection was abandoned on the cutting room floor. Already, Big Flat, just north of Canyonlands, is under siege as more and more drill rigs mar its wild vistas. What’s next? Lockhart Basin? Labyrinth Canyon? The Dirty Devil corridor?

We can’t let that happen. Ask President Obama to protect Greater Canyonlands now!

Together, we can finish the job begun by our predecessors by protecting the rest of Canyonlands—Greater Canyonlands—from the development of dirty fuels and rampaging off-road vehicle abuse. President Obama, like many great conservationists before him, should use the Antiquities Act to designate Greater Canyonlands a national monument, thereby safeguarding the plethora of special places, priceless cultural artifacts and wild rivers that still exist there, unprotected.

Be a part of the next chapter for Greater Canyonlands by writing to the president today!

Together, we can ensure that the next celebration is even bigger, and even better.