Are DACA recipients eligible for Stewardship Service Scholarships?

Yes, but you must be a student.

Do you need to be a documented U.S. citizen to be eligible?

No, this program is open for all students in an accredited institution regardless of documentation status.

Can refugees participate in this program?

Yes, refugees are eligible as long as they are students in an accredited institution.

What if I don’t have camping gear?

We will provide a comfortable tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and camp chair as needed. If you don’t have this equipment, no worries!

Will transportation be provided?

We will do our best to either provide transportation with SUWA staff or connect you with other volunteers to carpool. In the event these options are not available, we can provide a fuel-cost stipend so you may drive yourself.

Will food be provided?

Please see the food details for the Service Project you apply to for exact details. Generally SUWA provides (1) breakfast and (1) dinner, meaning you are responsible for the majority of your meals.

What can I expect on the project?

Service projects occur in remote areas managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management or Forest Service. They are in wild places, usually meaning there is no cell service, electricity, bathrooms, drinking water, or other infrastructure you would expect at developed campgrounds or in cities. These places are truly in their natural state. This is why we provide camping gear and a packing list so you can ensure you are adequately prepared for a fun a comfortable trip!

Every project is different! Please see the web page for the specific project you apply for to learn more about the land and what service work you will be doing. On these trips, you will be accompanied by a BLM or Forest Service staffer, SUWA employee, and other volunteers. You can expect your time to be spent working to protect the environment, hiking, stargazing, and eating delicious food.

Do you have to have an “environmental” major or focus of study to qualify?

Applications of all majors and areas-of-interest are encouraged to apply! The environment is an inherently intersectional space; almost anything about the places we serve can be directly connected to your studies. We encourage you to highlight that intersection, and use it for promoting wilderness stewardship and your professional development!

What if I want to apply but can’t make any of the projects listed in the application?

Please periodically check our event calendar to see what new service projects are scheduled for later months.

What if I don’t qualify to be a Service Scholar but still wish to participate in a service project?

SUWA’s Stewardship program is open to all members of the public to give back to our beloved public lands. If you do not meet the scholar qualifications but want to join a project, please apply via the general “Apply Now” page.