Capture Obama’s attention

Colorado Banner Brigade
A Colorado banner brigade greets Pres. Obama.

Want to help us capture President Obama’s attention?  We’re looking for some dedicated activists to hold up “Protect Greater Canyonlands” signs at Obama’s future appearances around the country.

If you’d like to participate, click here.

As you know, conservationists have launched a campaign to encourage President Obama to use his administrative authority to protect Greater Canyonlands – the breathtakingly beautiful region surrounding Canyonlands National Park.  We are utilizing many tools to send our message, including media ads, letters, postcards, photo messages, and phone calls.  But the more ways we can ask Obama to protect Greater Canyonlands, the better. So let’s greet Obama with a visible sea of “Protect Greater Canyonlands” signs all across the country!

Activists have already appeared on the streets at multiple events in Colorado.  The President and his retinue drove right past one of our “banner brigades,” smiling and waving!  Although the timing is unpredictable, we anticipate that Obama may be visiting your state in the coming months.  Even a small group can be an effective messenger with our large black and yellow signs.

Sign up on our website and we will let you know when Obama plans to visit your community and how you can join a banner brigade.

This is a great way to take action on behalf of Greater Canyonlands and have some fun with fellow redrock enthusiasts!

For other ways to get involved in the campaign to protect Greater Canyonlands, please “like” the Protect Greater Canyonlands Facebook page and visit